The Miller Institute is pleased to announce the Visiting Miller Professorship awards granted during this year's competition.



Name Home Institution Department
Bernd Abel Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification Chemistry
Uri Banin Hebrew University of Jerusalem Chemistry
Jens Bruning Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
Jean-Michel Coron University Pierre et Marie Curie Mathematics
Stephan Fueglistaler Princeton University Earth & Planetary Science
Jan Koenderink KU Leuven EECS
Manos Mavrikakis University of Wisconsin Chemistry
Natalia Requena Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Plant & Microbial Biology
William Schafer MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Molecular & Cell Biology
Anne Socquet University of Grenoble - Alpes Earth & Planetary Science
Thomas Surrey Francis Crick Institute Molecular & Cell Biology
Manik Varma Microsoft Research India Astronomy

   (SVMP) - Gabor A. and Judith K. Somorjai Visiting Miller Professorship Award.